Banking and Credit for 

The 1099 Nation.

Empowering a new economy, a new era. Awarded Best Digital Bank Account in the US.

Providing today’s hustlers access to free banking and fair credit

Frictionless credit

Freelancers didn’t have an easy time getting credit until now.

Insights built for freelancers

Oxygen presents your financial picture and projections so you can plan accordingly.

Step 1

Sign up in minutes

Once you get access, we would verify your identity, open your bank account, and send you your debit card.

Step 2

Connect Your Old Bank

Instead of relying only on your credit score and report, we look at your financial history and make it work.

Step 3

Get Funds immediately

After you get access, if its afternoon, night, or weekend, it doesn’t matter, you will be able to draw funds instantly.

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